Security code of the Holubice stable

Each member of the Riding Club Mirákl, member of C. H. Mirákl, o.p.s., client of C. H. Mirákl, o.p.s., riding school client, horse owner, rider or visitor of the premises is obliged to adhere to these rules of operation and especially to keep all safety and sanitary rules, i.e. safety and health protection of all persons working with animals and safety of animals.

  • The keeper of the premises is not responsible for any damage to property, people or animals caused by a horse outside the stable, whether within the premises or outside the premises.

  • Upon arrival to the riding premises, all persons are obliged to report their presence and to respect the instructions given by the head of the premises or by any authorized person, i.e. a physiotherapist, a horse trainer, a hipotherapy horse leader or a horse owner. The horses can be approached only with the permission of the persons listed above. Entry into paddock without being accompanied by an authorized person is prohibited as there is a risk of injury.

  • Entry into the stable without being accompanied by an authorized person, i.e. a physiotherapist, a horse trainer, a hipotherapy horse leader or a horse owner is prohibited. Only when entry into the hall is necessary, one has to go through the stable. In the stable, one must act calmly. One must not run, shout, jump or frighten the horses in any other way. One must not stroke horses or feed them treats without an agreement of authorized persons – i.e. a physiotherapist, a horse trainer or other co-workers of C. H. Mirákl, o.p.s.

  • For riding practice, one must be dressed and equipped appropriately. Protective horse-riding helmet, gloves, strong shoes with suitable soles, long close-fitting trousers, T-shirt – ideally long-sleeved, possibly also short-sleeved, undershirts are not suitable. Other equipment according to trainer's instructions.

  • When approaching a horse, we address the horse loudly enough; we approach the horse from the left. In an open space we never approach a horse from the back. During training or horse grooming we always keep safe distance for horse handling – we either stand right next to the horse, or far enough so that the horse would not be able to strike us with its hooves or bite us. Access to horses without the trainer or another authorized person aware of it is strictly prohibited.

  • Horse owners are fully responsible for their horses, even in cases when another person is handling the horse based on a procuration by the horse owner.

  • Persons interested in regular horse riding are recommended to get a vaccination against tetanus. Children under 18 must have permission to ride a horse from at least one of his or her parents.

  • Both riders and other persons taking part in the riding operations should be insured against injury. Riding trainings in the Riding Club Mirákl take place at the riders' own risk!

  • All employees, clients, members, horse owners and riders are obliged to behave decently towards all animals living on the premises, i.e. including wild animals, and to adhere to the Animal Protection Act. Horse poling and punishing horses excessively and cruelly is prohibited in the whole compound and on rides. It is also prohibited to force horses to over-perform and to make it risk its health.

  • All persons are obliged to keep the premises clean and to refrain from making noise that stresses the horses.